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Brand: Orange Culture

Designer: Adebayo Oke-Lawal 

Resort 2015 - DOVETAIL Collection

noire-pandora: I am that type of douchebag friend who doesn’t talk with you for weeks but still cares about you and hopes you still care too.

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Swimsuit and crop top from Rue 107.

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i would laugh at the fragility of the male ego

but then i remember that women are assaulted and killed for threatening it

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Test Shots by Rog Walker.

Test Shots is an ongoing series of portraits taken in the studio with photography couple Rog and Bee Walker. Each photograph, taken mostly of their close friends and fellow creatives, is as striking as it is simple.

Opting for a sombre and dark background, coupled with poised and pensive subjects, Walker’s shots manage to maximize on the simplicity of the traditional portrait style by making use of a medium format camera that provides an image quality which, despite the powerful stillness of each individual, vividly brings the details of each photograph to life. This brings out both a sense of strength and vulnerability in each picture, alluding to the intimate two-way dialog between subject and photographer.

"This is the most organic method of communication I have. Photography is the way I speak…It doesn’t get more personal than another human, and that’s what I’m looking to capture, that connection between humanity." - Rog Walker

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